Facts About Serrapeptase

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 5.38.27 PMSerrapeptase is an proteolytic enzyme produced naturally in the digestive system of a silkworm. This enzyme helps the silkworm to digest the mulberry leaves which is the main food source for the silkworm. This enzyme is responsible for dissolving the silkworm’s cocoon allowing the silkworm to emerge as the butterfly in the final stages of its metamorphosis. You can visit the top serrapeptase resource and learn more about this enzyme.

Because this enzyme destroys protein, it has created much interest in the field of science and medicine for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. In Germany and Asia, Serrapeptase is administered to improve cardiac health. Dr. Hans Nieper, a German research physician, recorded the benefits of Serrapeptase on his patients with blocked arteries. Patients who suffered an almost complete blockage of the carotid artery showed significant improvement when administered Serrapeptase. Dr. Nieper documented the improved blood flow in the blocked artery by the use of ultra sound. In human beings, this enzyme dissolves all non-living protein without damaging the surrounding tissues. Serrpeptase enzyme, sold as a supplement in the United States, is used to treat some common disorders such as scar tissue, arterial plaque, abnormal blood clotting, mucus formation.

There have been no noticeable side effects from the use of Serrapeptase. Numerous patients testimonials on the internet recommend the use of Serrapeptase. Your health care provider can help you determine if Serrapeptase would be beneficial to you. For more information, visit Serrapeptase FB Page.